The Cameroon comedy may be taking over the on-line African Comedy market : Ngwane Hansel

ngwane hansel1

Comedians in the world may be outnumbered but how many of them can pull the world with their charisma and attitudes of comedy. You may also think that being a comedian and making people staying younger is as simple as writing on a wall, but it takes a lot of hard work and focus like a politician.

The Cameroon Entertainment Industry for the past few years has been leaving no stone unturned with the help of some video production studios like Zamhoo Studio Works. Comedy in Cameroon is gradually gaining it grains as the comedians and their producers now see it important in the economy of other developed countries. Big countries in the world’s comedy like America, India, China and Nigeria are now making and blazing high in their economy, all thanks to comedy.

Born in 1988 from the South West Region of Cameroon, Ngwane Hansel is the first son in the family of five. As an aspirant son like the father, Mwalim George Ngwane , the Pan Africanist, his aims are to bring the Cameroon comedy closer to the world in a more mesmerizing, stylish and fantasy way.

He grew up in Buea, popularly known as the city of Cameroon’s talents; Hansel launched his THE GOD THE BAD THE FUNNY on-line show last two months. The show that is already gaining fame and space in the Diaspora and some local channels in the country is the first ever on-line show of it irks, to be available online. Equivocally, Hansel, is preparing to give his audiences intelligent and humor.

For happy viewing of Zamhoo Studio’s samples and THE GOOD THE BAD THE FUNNY episodes press the play below.

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