[STARZ-SYSTEM] BAMENDA BOY to go on sale soon – Magasco advertises new brand.

magascoclothing2015 @kamerflowmagazine
magascoclothing2015 @kamerflowmagazine

Another icon on the StarzSystem this  week, is the Top Cameroon Anglophone singer, Magasco, of Empire Music, publicly announced the released of his clothes brand BAMENDA BOY to go into the world fashion market soon. The young star is letting not to fall his Bamenda Boy ideology, you know!

Magasco’s popularity and fame is as concentrated and huge like the former indomitable lions national teams captain, Samuel Eto’o.

Presently, the lad is seen as the only home Les Bamenda artist surviving in the business not commenting on his golden video NOMANNOWOWO produced earlier this year by NS Pictures. Popularity they say wins the vote, because if hasn’t his huge fan base, he wouldn’t have used the name BAMENDA BOY.

Some hours after his announcements, murmuring started beating the throat of people, why Bamenda Boy and not Cameroon Boy? Is it going to sell only to the city of Bamenda or he is just trying to sell his logo, Bamenda Boy!!! The entire StarzSystem crew in U.S.A and France wishes him the best and a Happy New Year.

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