[INTRODUCING] Lizzy the uncovered music pedigree to watch out for.

introducing LIZZY @kamerflowmagazine
introducing LIZZY @kamerflowmagazine

As the music industry evolves so do legal minds also force to meka their voices heard among the jungle of the good fathers of the business. His vocal, music attitude and artistry would not only be the style you will comment as your hear him sing .

Lizzy is an afro pop RnB singer and also a good rapper from the city of B’da. Sings like the world best R.Kelly, Christ Brown, his debut into the showbiz two years ago has gained for him a lot of mass recognition home and abroad and the young +237 artist is noted to be the next icon to watch out for , from Cameroon

With almost half an album track in his name on Soundcloud and other social media
sites, If I Be Know which is the 2015 club banger in every media station in B’da and gradually capturing some other major cities like Douala, Yaounde and Buea, is his latest following suit of other of his hits tracks like Freedom, In Luv Wit Ma Best Friend,I Believe I Can Fly, Bobo Don Grow Ft Traffic etc . Lizzy is also preparing for his first debut video shoot next month. Hopefully after the shots, the young stunner will be signing on everybody’s t-shirt.

LIZZY intro @kamerflowmagazine

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