Cinema: DAMARU Short Film by Agbor Obed Agbor selected into the FESPACO

damaru@kamerflowmagazine FESPACO
damaru@kamerflowmagazine FESPACO

Why not say the secret of Cameroon films not having international recognition has been discovered by Agbor Obed? During the rise of African Cinema in the late 90th with big film makers like Ousmane Sembene of Senegal, many african film festivals were organise for the promotion and awareness of the rich african heritage in Cinema stolen by the west as the claimed.

Created in 1969, in OUAGADOUGOU Burkina Faso, FESPACO takes place every two years in the capital city . This year 2015, is Cameroon’s own Damaru, directed by home film maker Agbo Obed Agbor, among the other 86 films selected for the festival.

Running from February 28th to the 9th March with a total of 86 films, Damaru will be accompanied by two 2 TV Serials from Cameroon. It a blessing and love to see that the formally rejected stone has now become the only stone to sustain the building from falling. Kamerflow Magazine will update you from anywhere with the latest happenings of the films as it is yet to get tired from award.

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