[STARS SYSTEM] Is African afro king Davido the next big name for Missy Bk to feat with?


It is another big week and year for  aunty  Missy Bk, as her name and pictures still covers every billboard and channels in Quebec and Cameroon with her latest collabo release of Ndolo (love), featuring Ish, Canadian-Haitian rapper.

Living no stone unturned with her melancholy and gigantic voice power, the female 237 Canadian singer has been mouth pausing every other artist from Camer in her state, ever since the released of My Baby that listed her in the nominees for Miss Cameroon Canada.

Hoping to drop later this year another big EP of hers , Confession, the founder of Missy Bk Foundation has refused to let anyone know her next line of action .But her fans and critics, goes more on the fact that African afro king , Davido may be on the pipeline because of their recent meeting and discussion as they met last time in Canada. Missy is yet to confirm such stories, but hope he does!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday , Missy Bk ft Annie Anzouer , today,  Missy Bk ft Ish and tomorrow,  Missy Bk ft Davido….hahhaha!!!! hope this engagement dream works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MissyBK and Davido@starssystem kamerflowmagazine

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