[Cinema] Cameroon educational system for all- Damaru multiple interpretation.

Damaru - Christa Eka

Because cinema is considered to be a language characterized mostly with Camera angles and shots manipulation, the spoken part of the dialogue may pose serious problems to non-filmmakers who are mainly suited with dialogues.

Last year 2014, short film Damaru by Agbor Obed Agbor of Zumhoo Studio wORKS started like a snail but gradually upgraded it pace like an elephant in the troop of monkey.

Diverting the entertainment part of the film  from being a home cinema, Damaru, psychologically could best play a typical example of the Free education, promotion of a female education and the unlimited boundary education is to be in the world.

Damaru ( Christa Eka) is a handicap and stigmatized  because of  her condtion of being a deaf and  dumb but that has not stop the mid night dreamer of dreaming to be a world leader by going to school. Damaru short film exposes the educational system of cameroon being viable for all despite any human weaknesses.

It is of no doubt that Cameroon is  having one of the worlds most regid and complex system of education and that’s why some  people always say a certificate obtained from Cameroon is as a big as a degree in africa and the world at large.

“Education is free for all legal person from birth, the human beeing  is born  with  thesame qualities depite the skin Color” @KiniWolfgang analysis

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