Cinema: “even Steven Spielberg can get good actors now in Cameroon” Mbufung Seikeh at the Ninah’s Dowry Grande Premiere swore.

kamerflowmagazine@mbufung's interview
kamerflowmagazine@mbufung’s interview

May be the shattered hopes of the Cameroon Film Industry (CFI) can now start paying debt to the unpaid actors from the work done by the private industry in the country. In a country where the dreams are chopped off by military concourse, the government now dictates the people’s destiny and not them, but some diehards still have big dreams in the entertainment industry.

At the big night and at exactly 10:11 at Hilton Hotel Yaoundé Cameroon , 237 female best actress Mbufung Seikeh, raised the HOPE as some now called it to it highest peak. In a 3 minute 38 seconds interview, about her role and vision for the home industry, her words were as strong as the witch doctor… prophetess

KFM: what were some of the difficulties of you entering your character and living your character?

MBUFUNG: I didn’t have any difficulties because I had an excellent acting coach. The difficulties we had before the shoot like out set house got burn and cameras had problems …but we had worked on me   getting in and out of the character so before the director could say “action” , I was already in character.

KFM: were you any way touched by a mother who left her children behind to stay else where?

MBUFUNG: now I am not a mother… I am not even married yet. I was not touched by a mother living her kids but what I was touched was Evelyn story of survivor. like I said, when I heard the story by the time I got the script, I could not connect to the character to the role Ninah because I didn’t grew in that environment of violent . When we got to meet Evelyn, she told us how the story evolved. I felt that responsibility of some female solidarity, I felt that responsibility to tell her story and tell it well and I wasn’t moved by living my kids behind because when you leave to survive you take of them and if you die, you don’t take of them. So I think I was the right decision she made and a right decision every woman in that situation of violent should do…the first step, MAKE a way!

KFM: how do you see the CFI in years to come, it is evolving?

MBUFUNG: oh! First of all, Victor Voyuoh   is an n amazing director; I don’t think anyone would ever work with him and have a negative comment to make. He is open to ideas and he let you be you and I think he brought something into the CFI because Ninah’s Dowry, everybody has been striving to meet up with the quality of the movie and I think we are really evolving. For the past 4 to 5 years, it it’s been an amazing job. We have Damaru which is a great piece, we have Ama which is already out and we have Abele, we are really doing amazing job in Cameroon. We are away from African and actually looking at Hollywood standards. Like I said in an interview some few days ago, if Steven Spielberg comes to shoot a movie in Cameroon, he does not need to bring the big names actors he has in Hollywood, we can do it and do it well, we have great talents, we have the potentials.

KFM: thank you very much for your time Mbufung.

MBUFUNG: thank you too, actually you guys are boasting us………

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