Cinema: “Victor has paved the way” film maker and martial arts master Aurelien Henry Obama acclaimed

Hery Obama@kamerflowmagazine

Another important personality at the red carpet was the upcioming African martial arts mater and best Cameroon martial arts and upcoming film maker Aurelien Henry Obama. His scripts after a sneak peak may sure be having some light touches to watch.

Saying that “Ninah’s Dowry has a special kind of flare” the film whish is already seen as video tutorial, has pricked the hearts of many film makers that were in the hall. On the red Carpet, the KFM live magazine had the opportunity to know his impress about the film….here is a piece….

KFM: Mr. Obama, can you tell us what you think about the film Ninah’s Dowry. How did you watch the film?

OBAMA: I must say that Mr. Victor has paved the way for upcoming film makers like us. When I was watching the film, it didn’t seem so me like I was watching a Cameroon film. A film was unique. When I was watching, it didn’t seem to me like a home film….I means … the touched on everything I was expecting to see. The language, it had Pidgin English, English, French, and the dialect. I think he film is not just a film but a film to learn from. I have my own film coming up too! And I will learn from this.

KFM: if you were to grade this piece, what number will you give?

OBAMA: you see, it is often said that you can give a student 20 on 20, so I will give 18 …haha….yeah….18 because he has cleared out the way we could not see within us.

KFM: you said you have film you are working on, what is it all about and how do you see the CFI in two years to come?

OBAMA: let me start with the last before going to my own project. The cinema industry is fast developing. You know , due to finance, that would cause us to shoot films in 3 days and edit in 7 days at first, but today when you hear the industry , it is fast coming up. Now talking about my project, I am planning to make first African film that would touch the continent, acting the what is going within us blending with glamour, trafficking on humans and real martial arts that I will be doing some fighting….haha! Actually the film would be the first action film in Africa.

KFM: it was my pleasure talking with you Obama and we wish you the best with you project

OBAMA: thank you too and keep it up.

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