Cinema: Victor Voyuoh “Film makers should not wait”, “they should keep writing”….


One of the statements that spectator of the Sunday Grande Premiere of the Multi-Awards Cameroon blockbuster film Ninah’s Dowry at Hilton Hotel too back home was the affirmation and high hopes statements leveled out by the director himself.

3 years ago, if asked Cameroonian film lover or film maker about the future of the Cameroon film industry was an insult to some but today they seems the constitution is revised with advanced technology of film making flavor added to the old ones.

Reiterating the word of the director himself on speech he made at the premiere that night, he said

“Tell Cameroonian stories”

“Tell Cameroonian stories”

“Tell true and true stories”

“Young actors should keep on writing, they should not wait. The problems is not the script but for the production and post production”.

Like a video tutorial downloaded online from James Cameron, probably he will not become not just be the best director as is already said by his star-studded cast but also as a cinema tutor for his home country that is believed to have fats growing cinema ideas

On the process of breaking the films ideas and message to a better understating for all, he said “it is just a film…we need to change ownership”. He also added “it is not to show that all men are wicked” when he concluded to save his lead model Memfi and the character of other men.

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