[ STARS PROFIL] Get to know new business man, actor, producer and film maker Arthur Iyok – Interview


From the exciting journey of arts and from the City Of Arts, Buea,  the multi-talented young stunner and film maker Arthur Iyok on set with real names as Arthur Ernest Tala Iyok, was born. Being the only son in the family of two, he lost his father at a very tender age but had to continue with the company of her lovely mother and sister.

Being on set for more than eight years today, Iyok is aslo a BC holder of Political Science and Public Administration and also has got a Diploma in Human Resource Management. He serves a business purpose in the film industry as a producer and an Executive Producer. Having an international profession like that, he also manages some petit businesses that help him survive when not taking the directors orders…“ACTION”. Talking on an online interview with the super star about his success and journey….we brings you the full motion of his heart in the 237 CINEMA Industry …..

KFM- Hello and welcome to the kamerflow magazine online interview?

IYOK- Thank you kamerflow magazine is an honor to talk to you .

KFM- What pushed you into acting and directing films?

IYOK- It is been an amazing journey, some will say I have been lucky to be where I am now but eight years is not just a little time given the challenge that I have been in the film industry . It started just like a fun and excitement then develops into passion then to business. The greatest satisfaction is making a living of what you are passionate about. A perfect satisfaction….. It end up to be an addiction to art.

KFM- What are some of the films you have produced?

IYOK- The first movie I produced was Whispers (2012), then Co-operated in A Little Lie Little Kill (2014) and Smoke Screen. Then the most recent Fakeh (2015)

KFM- What does it take for one to be a film maker?

IYOK- The first is the passion, then the arts patient and respect and the most important, the ability to be ready to learn at all time because film making is an ongoing process.

KFM- How can you describe this, passion or the business? That you studied political science and end up being a film maker?

IYOK- I will tell you without any thought, the passion always come before the business especially when it comes to arts, the greatest arts are always driven by the passion. My reasons for producing was to invest more into the growing industry and to exercise my business knowledge. ArthurIyok2@kamerflowmagazines KFM- Acting movies, what are some the difficulties you have encountered with actors on stage.

IYOK- It is normal for every actor to have difficulties as he or she begins, but as you get use to it ,you can find your way over certain difficulties . Far from difficulties concerning the art, the other difficulty is what we get to as pay for the job. From what we were paid to act and from what we are paid now, it is getting somewhere.

KFM- Have you acted with international actors before? What is the different with your home actors?

IYOK- Yes I have had opportunities to work with a few of them and I will be very direct to tell you that, the only different is that ,they have a bigger audience and a platform but when it comes to the arts, we too stand as a rock and we beat them one on one in the game of arts.

KFM- Mbfung Seikeh of Ninah’s Dowry said, Cameroonian films are of Hollywood standard and that even Steven Spielberg can get good actors in Cameroon. Considering the present nature of the industry, do you accept that?

IYOK- Of Couse yes! When it comes to the arts, we have incredible actors and actresses who have not gone through film schools but they got the raw talent which have not even been exploited but yet we still compete in the international platforms and still shine. Likes of Epule Jeffery, Solange Yigika, Kelly Azia, Desmond Wyte, Anurin Nwusehmbom, Christa Eka and a lot more have what it takes to get one on one on international projects.

KFM- Some schools of thought says the success of cinema in a country is the presents of cinema halls. But there are none in Cameroon, do you accept that ideology?

IYOK- Yes, that is perfectly true. A lot of Cameroon film makers are contented with the premiere and DVDs the sell out but they fail to understand, DVDs are the last stage of film marketing and promotion. With the present of Cinemas, we will hit another level in the country.

KFM- If you are given one minute to speak to the president concerning the problems and possible solutions in the industry, what will you tell him?

IYOK- I will tell him Mr. President, entertainment is the future of Cameroon and the CFI (Cameroon Film Industry) your way to that future.

KFM- Ha-ha! Cool there. We are going to end the day with matters concerning you. So any current project?

IYOK- Yeah. After Smoke Screen, my movie Fakeh, is under post production. So I am working on it schedule when it drops. Far from that, I am building Main Koncept to be a household Production and Entertainment name.

KFM- One last word to the country and fans.

IYOK-Keep believing and keep supporting because entertainment in general is the future and the strength of Cameroon. And to my fans, I will like to say a big thank you because I am at this stage because of you and you haven’t had enough of me, your entertainment my satisfaction.

KFM- I will call it the end and thank you for accepting our invitation on the  Kamerflow Magazine online interview.

IYOK-Thank you too Kamerflow Magazine , you are the reasons why some of us our proud of our job ArthurIyok1@kamerflowmagazines To culminate, one word keeps kicking out of  Iyoks’s mouth, the “Future”. Is he a die hard Cameroonian? Does entertainment really have that force to elevate the Cameroon economy? Is the future of Cameroonian youth only in the hands of entertainment?

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