World News| SONY MUSIC to sign Stanley Enow (First African?)


Stanley Enow  is to sign his signature in the worlds music golden book of Sony Music in the U.S.A . Sony Music is probably the  largest music company in the world with featured artists like Micheal Jackson; J. Cole, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Clarkson, Tinashe, One Direction, Whitney Houston and lot more , has found favor in the Bayangi Boy, as the next star to hook on to.

Stanley Enow signing this deal , will probably be the first African to be dining with the kings and queens of the world music. Updating the Kamerflow Magazine lately this 4 April, 2015, Sony is still to make the news public in every billboard and medias in the world.

Stanley recently releasing the first ever Cameroon most expensive and classic video in South Africa, King Kong,  which  has begun wiping the skepticism in people’s mind about his future with Nicki Minaj.

The 237 music syndicate and blockbuster if finally grasps his chance into the Sony Music, may surely have access to the queen (Nicki Minaj) as plan and may be the King (Rick Ross?) as it was said of his debut .

stay tune as we bring you updates on Stanley with  debut into the Sony Music, world.

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