UPDATE : Magasco almost done with new Recording Studio (BB RECORDS)

(BB RECORDS)@kamerflowmagazine
(BB RECORDS)@kamerflowmagazine

The untold good news about the prolific Cameroon Afro pop singer Magasco is that the young stunner just like Stanley Enow has no plans of loosing his heritage to any western ideology because of music.

Advertising his new brand some months ago BB BOY clothing, rumor has been flying all over the street of Yaoundé like the CPDM flyers that he will soon be done with his recording studio.

BB BOY clothing
BB BOY clothing

Skepticism on the place of location is a call for concern. Magasco now owns a duplex in the government residential area , Bastos, where top money makers , business men in Yaounde live.

I'M ma Zone magasco@kamerflowmagazinea
I’M ma Zone magasco@kamerflowmagazinea

On an online chat with him, B’da was the name he aired out. Probably his brother and one and only, DJ Pazzo will follow him!!!!!

Magasco (Recording studio, Brand and Label) BB BOY
Jovi (Recording Studio, Brand and label) NEW BELL MUSIC
Stanley Enow (Brand and Label) MOTHERLAND EMPIRE

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