NewVDO: Michael Kiessou – ‘Kommen Danses Tu’ ft Dynastie Le Tigre & Yvich.


He is no longer a new name in the 237 Urban afro pop. Michael Kiessou has gone beyond the root of promoting the reach and expensive African culture.

Blending this new master piece street banger with Dynastie Le Tigre, the new 237 market owner alongside old school singer HMG Yvich, ‘Kommen Danses Tu’ singles is a master singles aimed at bringing a unity to the African choreography.

The promotion of Africa culture is you. Watch and download for free produced by Adah Akenji.You may aslo like follow and chat with the stars on twitter.

@MichaelKiessou / @YvichKwa / @TigreDynastie@MichaelKiessou / @YvichKwa / @TigreDynastie

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