STARZSYSTEM : Is Arthur Iyok heading to Hollywood at last?


Arthur Iyok is one of Cameroon’s most expensive personalities in the Cameroon Film Industry who is bend on leaving a legacy in any blockbuster film he features in.

The young business man, film maker, producer and profounder of Main Concept, have been out for a country for a while chilling with family and furthering his studies at the diaspora.

The backsidetalk that has been eating the mind of his other country’s colleague has been the skepticism of the young and handsome stunner featuring in Hollywood casts.

He produced Whispers (2012), then Co-operated in A Little Lie Little Kill (2014) and Smoke Screen and the most recent Fakeh (2015) that was recently released online. Iyok’s chances  of meeting the Cameron’s, Spielberg’s are unlimited.

Body building and keeping fit has not really been a common assignment to some Cameroon actors for a while but he makes and exception, definitely, Iyok is really bend for the Hollywood big screens.

twitter @arthuriyok

Fan of Jovi, he preach for the vote of his music icon….

Arthur Iyok

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