BOXOFFICE: Anglophone Editor of the month DR. Nkeng Stephen [MYBILLBOARD)


Being a good film maker is the number of films you produced monthly, but the quality of film you produced within the limited time you have.

Three years ago, the Kamerflow Magazine had an exclusive online interview with Dr. Nkeng Stephen by then Pablo Steve, on his secret of being an amazing editor in the Cameroon entertainment industry.

[he is a film director, a film producer, film editor,
a manager and also, a student
at the University of Buea studying Performing
and Visual arts] #courtesy@2012report

Started with Daphne, and still with Daphne the young film maker at the Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment has been Billboard number one video editor of the month by the Kamerflow Magazine BOXOFFICE team.

Nkeng Stephen is just one of the few Anglophones video editors that holes the camera and plays with the language of camera angles and movement professionally . They say empty vessels makes the loudest noise but the young amazing editor seems the opposite.

Full with surprises and likes working underground, Nkeng may just be paving his way like multiple African Award winner Clarence A. Peters as his works are highly appreciated nationwide.

Some of his loud sounding videos include;

Rastafira by Daphne
Hala Ya Matta by Makon
Gun Shot by Daphne
Chop No Deh by Ream Squad ft Wax Dey
Jakiri by Vreezy Ville ft Arre
My Nyango by Da Charming Prince ft Skidi Boy [editor+]

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