NEWS: Magasco drops new album-BAMENDA BOY [Empire Company]


African traditions holds that, to be a successful or completed man, you much get married and have children, so do music producers think of artists of being viable when they can boast of an album in the market with singles.

Magasco is not dropping his debut #EP but first at the EMPIRE COMPANY of Pit Baccardi. The Bamenda Boy had released albums in B’da by then still a street song maker, but has decided on chilling with everyone with his new album, BAMENDA BOY.

Jovi might have made a mistake of thinking this year of being his alone because Magasco his music brother is not just covering his eyes too.

This year 2015 in the urban markets is really going to be a tight and competitive with amazing numbers of albums to be launched by great artists.

Recently, the Senior Rap Gods, Jovi released his album #MbokoGod, Stanley Enow is to release his World market album #SoldierLikeMaPapa by the end of this year and today, Magasco talked about his album already at hand, Bamenda Boy produced by Empire Records.

Wow… we look forward for the #EP BAMEND BOY people… wish the star all the strength and energy during his post production.

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