FACE2FACE : Pacman talk on Chop Banana and how he met Sine and Nar6 Prize

Pacman Face2Face interview
Pacman Face2Face interview

Cameroon/ Nigerian born afro pop singer Solomon Nwanbada artistically known as Pacman, has gone viral.

Pacman is one of the few 237 placid artists left in the country’s urban music industry. He is fashionable and has a deep unclear vocal which has started gaining him the name Cameroon’s Don Jazzy.

Being the owner and CEO of Sweet Stuff Entertainment (SSE) also a video production company, the Bali/ Nigerian singer picked up talent with inspiration drawn from rap legend, Tupac.

Releasing Cameroon’s Billboard video of the month Chop Banana with instrumentals produced by him and video by the almighty Shamak Alharamadji of Brain Films, the Kamerflow Magazine meets with the star on an online chat while he was in Nigeria on her juicy brain of collabo with Nar6 Pride and Sine and the secret behind the song and lyric.

KM: Welcome to the online kamerflow magazine, Pacman.

PACMAN: Thanks for having me.It’s an honor for me to be on your platform

KM: Talking about your latest top chat video chop banana, what inspired you to come up with such a song?

PACMAN:One day i was watching a match, i think it was La Liga and i saw people throwing bananas in the field mocking Cameroon legend Samuel Eto’o Fils. So i was like why? I told myself we will show this racist that it means nothing to be black and black is strength, we will pick this banana and eat and be even stronger. That’s actually what inspired the song “chop banana, it is to fight against racism

KM: So the song is a dedication to African football star Samuel Eto’o?

PACMAN: Yes, to Samuel Eto’o and all those African suffering from discrimination as a result of the color of their skin. But Eto’o was the person who really inspired me because i was so hurt to see a legend in my country insulted because of the color of his skin.

KM : You have been using this same word BANANA in many of your lyrics, what does is mean, are you having some personal attachments with the word or just a fruit you like?

PACMAN: Banana is just a fruit and it can different interpretation especially in our African context

KM: You are the CEO of SSE a video production house but Shamak Alharamadji shot your video, how can you explain that.

PACMAN: That’s a very interesting question there. SSE and Shamak were in some kind of collaboration as concerning these video.

KM: Nar6 Prize and Sine are two Cameroonian Makossa and afro pop stars, how did the connection with them come about?

PACAMN: You know i have always being a lover of makossa and afro pop. I wanted to do a song which is like a mixture of both genre of music that is blending Afro Pop with Makossa. I met Nar6 Prize in Bamenda and i made him listen to the beats and he was like damn! I love this beat and that’s how the collabo came about. Same thing with SINE. He just loved the beats and wanted to add his voice.

KM: So who produced the instrumentals?

PACMAN: I did produced it in my studio you know I am a producer too
KM: Is this your best video?

PACMAN: I will say i put in my all in this video, financially, emotionally and a lot s of sacrifice. I wanted a video that will be talked about…a video that will have all elements of class and express luxury in all forms. I wanted to redefine video making in Cameroon.

KM: So you can call it your best ever since you started right?

PACMAN: Yes i can conveniently say so but my other videos are also very classy and charming . I always invest my all in any project I’m working on.

KM: Chop Banana has gone universal, what do you have to say about that?

PACAMN: I say Thank you almighty God and i hope it goes even higher and further. I hoping it is recognized in international and national awards

KM: How far do you expect this video to go, best 237 2015 video

PACMAN: Yes…as i said, i hope “chop banana ” gets recognition both at home and abroad. Best 237 video of the year will really be the cherry on the cake for me It’s a dope video man and i hope it really goes far.

KM: People say you sing like Don Jazzy, do you see yourself having his style?

PACMAN: Yes of course. ..i think I’m the Cameroon Don Jazzy but with Pacman’s style. I like the way Don jazzy is turning the table around and proving to the world that African music, (afro pop, urban music and other genres of African music) are worth watching

KM: Do you think you can do that to Cameroon music by letting the world know that Makossa is the inspiration to the African pop?

PACMAN: Yes of course. I’m flying the 237- flag very high. I am a lover of all genre of music… rap, ndombolo, bitkutsis, bottle dance, afro pop…at the end of the day, it’s all about Cameroonian artist joining hands and flying our flag high, alone, I’m just one drop in the sea. United we stand and divided we fall.

KM: Which artist do you admire most in Cameroon?

PACMAN: There are so many…i just got love for everyone’s hustle. Stanley Enow and Jovi are being nominated at this year MTV music awards. i say thumbs up to them. They are flying our flag high and giving international recognition to the Cameroon music industry. I call for all Cameroonians to vote massively every day and hour for them.

KM: Are those your FAV artists in Cameron?

PACMAN: No, there are so many…There are many talented artists, underground artist doing their thing…i just love anyone doing good music

KM: Any upcoming project?

PACMAN: Yes, a lot on the agenda. I am looking forward to do collaboration with both national and international stars. I am calling on sponsors and promoter to come and do discuss business with the chop banana team.

KM: when you say promoters, what type of promoters are you referring to?

PACMAN: Anybody who can promote chop banana to higher heights

KM: Any message for the country as we round up this blessed day sir

PACMAN Not financially…Any promoter, any pastor that can carry my prayers to papa God as concerns chop banana is welcome . I want to pray for peace for this nation and encourage all Cameroonians, youths adult, djs and snacks ,night clubs to consume Cameroonian music and believe in us. We are the next big thing in Africa. They should encourage us and play more of our music

KM: it was nice having you on board Master Pacman

PACMAN Thanks a lot kamerflow Magazine and the whole team for having me. It was my pleasure chatting with you and again, thank you for what you are doing in our industry. You are always welcome to help me…together we will grow.

And that was how we round it up with the star on the online chat. For watch the Chop Banana video by simply clicking on the link below. Cheers…

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