“Ecran Noir was a mess” Student Film maker complained.

Ecran Noir @ Kamerflowmagazine
Ecran Noir @ Kamerflowmagazine

The Ecran Noir (Black Screen) film festival is one of the most prestigious film festival in Cameroon created by of the country’s first film makers with Grégoire OWONA as it president and has created a lot of impact on the country’s film making.

The long awaited 2015 edition that ended at the Capital City Yaoundé on 19 Juliet, 2015 concluded with majority of the guests heading back with hands on the mouth babbling about the poor interface of the festival.

A master student at the Yaoundé 1 luckily attended the festival to learn from the big wigs film makers studying Performing Arts and Cinematography said she was instead “untaught”. She carried her pain the next day to the Campus where she almost cried.

“it was poorly organized…they brought a host from a country which I don’t know and she knew nothing about the country and was confusing with the microphone on what to say and how to say…the lights…the sounds…nothing was working”

“I fell pity for the minister that was there with other dignitaries, what they would say about a country that is boosting across the continent as Africa’s Hollywood”

Things like this do happen in many organization and the Black Screen organizers are not going to be the exceptions. Does the Ecran Noir committee needs their own personal hall for continue practicing before their event dates? Were there no technical rehearsals with the entire production team before the date of the festival? Stay Tuned as we bring you more from the Ecran Noir 2015.

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