Cinema| Cameroon film “FAR” nominated for best African movie 2015 – #Vote



As the Cameroon music keeps finding its space in the international music competition across the continent so do their film makers also revel for their films in competition across the world.

Produced by one of Cameroon’s big names Agbor Gilbert Ebot of the AGE Production, the film FAR entire shot in Cameroon in 2013 starring one of Nollywood’s all-time best actor Jim Iyke, has made way into the African film chat.

This is not the first of its kind in the country where many of her films have been seizing awards from almost every film competition with FAR, not scent to be an exception for it star-studded cast and amazing crew.

Nominated in the best Best Film of the year category in a Nigerian /African award in the Nigerian Entertainment Award USA, the film also starring Cameroonian big names like Jeffery Epule, Solange Ojong, Lucie Memba etc.

click link to vote.

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