STARSPROFILE| Introducing Sony Omar Actor, Model and Recording artist.

Sony Omar
Sony Omar

Too much talents for one person some say is a curse , but that isn’t the case with the young and upcoming super star Yufeh E Kuchu known as Sony Omar on screens as he rocks every nooks and corners with his amazing skills.


Born in the North West region Of Cameroon from a half Muslim family, Sony Omar is a third year student at the University of Buea (UB) studying banking and finance.

He was carried away by his admiration for arts and entertainment in his tender age when her mom happened to be his main source of energy for the fight. The young stunner started worked up by his childhood skills of being an artist and celebrity by accentuating and dining with celebrities all over Cameroon and Africa.

As an entertaining diehard monger, Sony went into fashion when he was just some few years in UB (University of Buea) which alone gained for him a lot of followers and fans on Social Media.

sony 7

Known for his unique hairstyle “Korobo” as they called it, the AfrikBlack (Fashion Comapny) CEO went into acting to cement his stars system as almost every Hollywood celebrity does. Sony has been on set with top African celebrated actors like Jim Iyke, Van Vicker, Epule Jeffery and many others. He recently featured in a Christa Eka’s award winning short film Beleh.


A recording artist whose skills are consequential from his social connection with other top African and Cameroonian artists, Sony have had good lessons in music as all of his meetings have been with African top chat artists like Davido, Arafat, Lino Versace, Jovi, Adah Akenji, Sine, and Maalox .

Sony Omar + stars

In 2010, Sony won the Dynasty Best MC Award. He is a TV presenter at the Chillen Music TV red carpet events in Buea.

As we wait for the cock to crow, so shall we wait for the California TV correspondent Sony Omar to feature in the upcoming blockbuster movie Chase with Big Bother Africa winner, Army Nando.

An elephant may just be proud of it size but senseless while the tortoise crying against the size may be console with it brain…Sony Omar is the new camera focus every photographer now set the objective at …stay tuned as we bring you more the new icon.

sony 4

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