STARSPROFILE| Cameroon new rap act || Agbor Zion Strong headpikin.

New Act

Tiko is a sub division in the South West region of Cameroon, located Latitude: 4°04’28” N and Longitude: 9°22’11” E of the equator. The entire region has recently been seen as the next California in Cameroon where almost every good music and film in the country is produced.

Luckily to come from that part of the country born on March 19, 1989, Agbor Romeo Ndip A.K.A Agbor Zion Strong Headpikin, son of Mr Ndip James Eyong and Mrs. Ebot Mary Ndip, has for some few months been able to pull the stages and public places in the region and on social media.

PERFORMING LIVE AT A FESTIVALFrom a polygamous family of 4 boys and 4 girls, the new act has never been familiar with the microphone not until 2014 when he dropped his first hits after three years of patrolling in the studio. Started as a rapper and singer but finally decides on rap, the young upcoming super star is also a school waster in an attempt many times to get the last certificate permitting him into the university. Being a staunch super fan of Stanley Enow, the reigning Cameroon rapper, his dreams are also to grab the GRAMMY awards just as his idol.

Hardship, Difficulties, Injuries, Love for the people and love for fame are the reasons why he forced himself into doing music like any other good rapper. The Stars Profile Kamerflow magazine team hooked with the young stunner to know his inside story and ambition in the music industry. Here is what the Gud Life Muzik Ente10ment artist has to offer.

NEXT: Exclusive interview with Agbor Zion Strong Head Pikin.

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