News| Agbor Zion Strong Head Pikin’s message to Stanley Enow, Jovi and Gee Reign… | you don’t wanna miss this interview.


The message every artist brings into the music world depends on the level in which he estimates his music career to reach. Agbor Zion has that flare of an efficacious music rapper for being a dynamic African gangster rap act. His prospects are as big as a 9 years old school rapper ironically for which he is just a year old in the business. Here are his thoughts and ambitions.

KM: Why did you choose rap?

Agbor Zion: Rappers are messengers, even though that is my own concept. I know with singing today, most artist do it to entice girls. But I don’t do cub songs; I don’t feel like making people dancing when there is a lot they should know and make the world grow. I do “Everyday Music” meaning I talk about life and struggles of the people.

KM: Who are the top rappers you admire?

Agbor Zion: to begin at home, I admire Stanley Enow, Jovi, Gee Reign… still in Africa; I admire Sarkodie, Phyno and Olamide then Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Eminem from America…old school Nas.

KM: When did you release your first single?

Agbor Zion: My first single was release February 2015 and titled “Talent Jamboree Show”. “Talent Jamboree Show” talked about African Children and how they discover their talents at a younger age while nothing is been done to help then realize them.

KM: How do you draw your inspiration?

Agbor Zion: My life experience is just the source of my inspiration. Listening to music and going out to the nature and also counting the stars at night are also sources of inspiration to me.

KM: What is your relationship with other artists?

Agbor Zion: Agbor, is friendly with everyone. I encourage hard work and creativity wholeheartedly amongst the entire artist that I know and I am a fan too.

KM: You manage yourself?

Agbor Zion: I am under a records label GudLife Muzik that got a manager, so I am been managed by my label.

KM: Do you think the Cameroon industry is now ripe enough?

Agbor Zion: Yes of course “ Impossible n’est pas Camerounaise”…there has been a lot of change after Stanley Enow’s Hein Pere won for him best New Act at a the MTV MAMA 2014. Since then, there has been some change that I believe so much in.

KM: the way you talking, if you are appointed minister of culture what will be your two lines of speech?

Agbor Zion: with the aim of promoting Cameroon’s Culture and Africa’s, I promise to support and create a better platform for every creativity.

KM: before we called it a day, what is the message you are assuring your fans?

Agbor Zion: firstly, I must say thanks to each and every one out there who has ever listened to my songs and watch me perform. I promise to make them proud as long as they believe in my creativity.

Agbor Zion Strong Head Pikin has recorded four tracks with Talent Jamboree Show being his first official single in 2014 under the GudLife Muzik Enter10ment. The young upcoming rappers prepares for his first #EP “Chop Chair” mid next year 2016 which for professional reasons, he holds back on telling the big name of artist he hopes to feature in the #Ep. September ending still this 2015, he announces the release of his single “Na So The World Dey” with video following suit in November . Stay Tuned on more on your artist…

Next: Talent Jamboree Show video and album preparation.

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