Music War | NewBellMusic and Empire Company in skirmishes.


Whatever it is, we are still to know but Jovi is very bitter with the Empire Company boss @PitBaccardi after he complained about him mentioning his name on a radio station in a disrespectful manner and Jovi is now demanding an apology for disrespecting his personality.

@Magasco also falls in line as Jovi too is better with his man, probably because Magasco attempted demanding him why he has to talk to his boss, because nothing else would make those two friends be in conflict.
You should know that Jovi is not taking any chances this year from any Tom and Jerry. This is 2015, they year he said it is his. Jovi has now added his real names on his twitter account GODLOVE@JoviLemontre as well as has created a new Facebook Fan page , @JoviOfficial.

Lapiro and Koto Bass would have been here to see this changes…we keep you updated with the happenings till the end.

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