Most Promoting | “I owe my country the Grammy” Agbor Zion Strong Head Pikin heads up.


Whatever an artist says is what he gets. The secret of music is thinking beyond your world to the world of the music makers and already made stars. Agbor Zion SHP has decided to starts holding knives and fucks at the top before eating with hands as any normal African rapper.

When Stanley Enow dropped his Hein Pere single hits in the world, he was interviewed by a private Television about his goals in music and the level he wishes to see himself and he said, his greatest achievement would be for him giving Cameroon a Grammy Award, seems like things are just working as planned for him!

Agbor Zion SHP another son from that same region is grinding the mile with double generator to accelerate like Stanley Enow. He announces the second release of his single “Na So The World Dey” in his upcoming album “Chop Chair” (meaning successor) who is he succeeding then?

Watch his first official video and see how the young rappers prepares for his fame….

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