Jovi Upgrades | By hook or by crook, Jovi has made it – Read this.


“You are bigger than what people say” Rachel did her chorus like a music sorceress, as the Big Vulture keeps on adding more weight and going viral. In 2012 when the VP / A&R Fotemah Mba ( a.k.a T Mah) left Europe for Cameroon because of what he heard in his home country, Jovi in particular, the meeting end up in a dilemma that kept questioning minds in the country on what really when wrong till today.

“My time has come” translated to English from the original French version by Jovi (Big Vulture Lyrics), is coming like a fictional movie. Has Jovi decided this year on making the big name too, is he tired of people confusing his size to his might?Shine-the-Light-by-Akon-Kamerflow-Magazine

Akon is a recording producer, but Jovi has produced his latest 2015 single #ShineTheLight, which is not the only song he has produced for Akon to feature in his upcoming album “Stadium”.

What can you say about that? Jo.. As always is paving the way as well as T Mah in his culture not letting the editor with one color balance in his North West regalia. Probably because of his music confidence this year, that is why he beefed the Empire Company boss @Pitbaccardi and his artist, @Magasco.

See pictures courtesy @JeWandaMagazine


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