STARSYSTEM | Cameroon rapper Malcube is back on the game – #3amInBangkok droppx soon.

Malcube Kamerflow MAgAZINE
Malcube Kamerflow MAgAZINE

2 years of no release after releasing his inexhaustible single “Say It” in 2012 which was accompanied by his EP #Lotus same year before leaving for Bangkok, Thailand where he is now based, The Cameroon rapper and sound producer is definitely back on the game by making his presents felt few weeks ago.

An international rapper and a well  known name in the home country music who has been underground for some few years not until last year when he release “Credit” an overflow and double remix of Stanley Enow’s Njama Njama Cow and Jovi’s Et P8 Koi and now dropping his single “3am In Bangkok”.

Watch Malcube studio session in Bangkok and his new single in the making….

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