Cinema | “Rejected” by Kang Quintus official #teaser awaits October for official Launch.


KUM is diagnosed with cancer in the most powerful nation on earth. Undocumented with no social security and health insurance, he is rejected by the system and left to die. His struggle for survival takes him into a soul searching process which stirs up extraordinary capabilities he never imagined. Will KUM defy the system or will the system break him?

From the very producer of EKEI , Cameroon actor and film maker Kang Quintus based in the United States is one of those popular names known internationally in the Cameroon Cinema. After releasing EKEI based on a true life story starring Stephanie Maa, as the principal character, now is another big screen with Ghanaian all-time best John Demule on the panel alongside Kang Quintus, Sahndra Fon Def and Donald Imm.

To be officially launched this coming October 2015 at the Theatres Largo, Maryland-USA, here is the teaser of the film. Watch and share

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