STARSPROFILE | Exploring Cameroon New Act Artist||| Seta Beats

Seta-Beats-promo-coverJulius Ceaser, was a hero because of his triumph in Rome and Italy; can Seta be the next Ceasar to bloom over the African music with his messianic music charisma? The New Cameroon afro pop act has been dropping top hits since his official land sliding into the showbiz in 2014.

Born in Momo Division- North West Region of Cameroon, Seta Withgodep Wiertz aka Seta Beats was born in 1987 by  Seta Felix and Seta Judy. A first degree holder in philosophy and also a business man and a philanthropist managing an orphanage and an organization “A Better World Organization” with his team for the furtherance of mankind.

Inspired by great American music icons like R Kelly and Micheal Jackson, Seta is also a sound Engineer and a Bachelor with resident in Douala, the economic capital of the country. He dropped his first single Dancere in 2014, which was ranked top at the countries urban televisions produced by AK and video by Chuzih Dadido.

The Kamerflow Magazine Stars-Profile team talks with the super star on an exclusive exploratory journey on his personality and his coming into the showbiz. You may know him as an artist but what more? …. Let’s carry on.

KM: What inspired you to do music?

SETA: I love music. In the beginning of the world there was music and today there is still music and it is a promise that there will still be music in the next world. I also think music is one of those things I am gifted with.

KM: why did you choose the Afro Pop genre despite the many variety of music genres in the world today?

SETA:Afro pop represents Africa and I am Africa. That’s my identity and I want to give to my people the kind of music they can relate to. The big picture is being a part of those promoting our music to other cultures. Good music is universal and so is afro pop .

KM: You have never touched the Mic not until 2014 when you dropped your first single Dencere, which was so … so dope , how can you explain that?

SETA: hahaha bro what do you want me to say na massa…I think I have no power to make a song shine on my own. God is the power above all. The producers, the promoters and the fans made the song what it is too. Without them the song will just be with me in my room

KM: You writes your songs or you got a lyricist?

SETA: I do write my songs but very open to have any song writers to work with.

KM: How do you get inspired?

SETA: The things happening around me and life in general.

KM: what is your relationship with other Cameroon artists?

SETA: I am personally related to a few artiste and respect the work and creativity of all.

KM: do you manage yourself or you got a manager?

SETA: Ha-ha! my brother, yeah i got a manager , Adah Akendji, a man i have always dream to work with. Intelligent and understanding.

KM: You are an old school artist despite that your official intrusion was last year 2014, what advice can you give to 237 upcoming artists and what do you think about the industry?

SETA: Yes. It’s growing bigger and bigger everyday but when you get into it, don’t focus first on the money but focus on giving out a good product to the public. That will pave your way to the big surprise.

KM: What will you advice the minister of culture to do for the country if you have the opportunity?

SETA: Mr Minister, create more platforms to support and promote artists and entertainment at large. Encourage TVs and Radio stations to play Cameroon music more. Encourage companies, investors to give endorsement to artists, by this; they can give out better product.

KM: that was a straight one there Seta, it was our pleasure having you on board, but before we turn off the lights, any words for the fans?

SETA: The pleasure is all mine Kamerflow and thanks to all my fans for the love and support… the journey continues…let’s keep living. GOD BLESS.

Seta added the Beats to his name because he wanted to be unique “I wanted to stand out unique with the Beats added to my artistic names so that it will be easy for me to be notice when search online because of the too many Seta names roaming Google” he explains. Two single already with thousand in the train coming, his second single Shake Bangando was produced by Masta Roboster the new keyboard wizard and DJ Pazzo with video by one of Cameroon best  videographer Adah Akenji. While waiting for his new heartbreak single enjoy the latest  MIYAKA (thank You) …

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