Fashion | Zooming the most sophisticated African designs with Paris fashion company Wazal


If for any reason Cameroon should be known for in the world today, it should be for her cultural diversity. Beautiful and real street stylish outfit from Cameroon’s fashion designer AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie aka JJ DU STYLE, imprints feet with no turning back.


He presents a collection of tuxedo jackets called fly sucked 2015, inspired by tété a Cameroonian slang meaning “wealthy” (bourgeois) chic. Combining all of these concepts, he points out more on the African elegance in chic street style as he called it. Wazal’s pieces have been on world views by some top celebrities like SINGUILA, ALPECO, WAYNE BECKFORD, ROMARIC KOFFI and LALCKO. For more, go to WAZAL

Planche Collection WAZAL 2014-1TSAFUTVINTIGR


SMOKING Jacket fly Tété Black Leather
Materials: lambskin leather and red lace
SMOKING Jacket fly Tété military camouflage
Contents: Military Camouflage and lambskin
SMOKING Jacket fly Tété blue color: black
Materials: fleece and jeans on backwards
T-Shirt Tété reason New York
Material: Milano.
– Blend of cotton printed digital New York
Harem pants black jogging together
Materials: fleece and lamb leather
T-Shirt Military Camouflage pattern Tété
Material: Milano.

WAZAL--Kamerflow-Magazine 2

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