Cinema | African to witness another blockbuster movie Tenacity this year

Cinema | African to witness another blockbuster movie Tenacity this year
Cinema |Tenacity

The colonial masters with their political maneuvers had exploited and converted the minds of the black and take off after granting the so-called independent which till today, is a myth. But even though not completely granted, African leaders had already started to dominate their fellow brothers, meaning if completely granted the continent would have been in dismay.


Written and directed by acclaimed and award winning film director Musing Derick Tenn, popularly known for his 52 episode series Zintgraff And The Battle of Mankon, Clusters and 30th Day that earned him Best African Short film in London (ZAFFA), Tinacity center around two kingdoms; Ndang and Ndangang with two contradictory leaders.


The two clans, migrated from different destinations and eventually met and agreed on settling on the same land with love and unity, were intermittent by whites who manipulated their minds for one clan to submit to another. As the two could not work on such terms and because of the secret backup from the whites, it escalated into a conflict between the two. One leader accepted the local gifts (whisky, clothes, etc.) from the whites in exchange for his people and that went on until when the other clan was resistant to sale his people for low graded gift.


The film was shot in the North West region of Cameroon where one of the German Ethnic resistances where occurred by the Nso and Kom people during the colonial period. With actors from Germany and Canada, Tenacity would soon be officially premiered. But for the mean time, get hooked up with the thriller as the big fish leaves the water in some months to come.

3 thoughts on “Cinema | African to witness another blockbuster movie Tenacity this year

  1. These Are The Type Of Stories That We Needs To Write About, Things That Are Peculiar Only To Us. This Are The Hidden Stories That People Would Like To C. If Collywood Wants To Grow, Let Engange In Cultural Stories 4 Now Only.

  2. Totally agree about doing stories particular to us, mark our own identity in the world of making movies. We are influenced far too much by other countries because of their cinema…our traditional weddings now feel like an igbo affair, call bikers “okada” even our chiefs get to be called “igwe”. I am a writer and I stick to #237.

  3. Kudos. To D Director And All Who Took Part In This Project. This Is D Kind Of Movies We Want 2 See. This Movie Should B Subscribed For An AMVCA Award. I Am Aspiring To Bcom An Actor. U Guys Should Help Me Out

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