StarSystem |What is Gasha turning into?


Award winning 2014 Afrimma artist Gasha (a.k.a small mami) now stands on ground where only original and natural voice enchanter can. Her outrageous exposure is still yet to be investigated by a no name committee because of her music esthetic, but her love for fashion is turning her brain up and down.

Gasha now costumes like she knew a time in her life would come when she would be showing to the world rather than copying. In the USA where she is in a video shoot of Champion, a theme song for Miss Africa- USA, the celebrity displays her latest flare.


“Done shooting…Thank God, thank ma crew, Ebangha!! U the best!! Shout out ‪#‎Champion‬ studios, thanks a lot Wale!! Dijay Pazzo!! We dropping this real soon!! @itsgasha #237 TC Concepts” she said.

Do you know she would soon dropping her #EP? It’s Gasha, rocking the 237 music…#BlackSheIs


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