News: Jovi Realizes True Rap with Kanye West spirit plus New Album tittle ^Rap2Rich^


Surely by now, Jovi must have realized that music is not all about singing for a particular range of people with the same style on and on. He now gradually shifts from his original identity: by whipping the beats with more of western style and on his cover photos.

Jovi has been practically keeping up to Kanye West, his suppose idol many has concluded to be. His attires and style in videos are just the few samples to that effect. His recent single release Zele cover, exposes Jovi with a number of chains on his neck exceeding the two on the Big Vulture and other Videos.


Jovi’s teeths styling on the Micheal Jackson video clip by Reniss has not only left the fans with his new amazing HipHop life but also has made them to be aware of his gradual entering into the real world of HipHop.


He recently tweets of his new EP #Rap2Rich, with a different look from his normal African design covers with more of western. Golden look and without him presenting himself on like the case of others.

rap to rich

Jovi remains the only artist in Cameroon that has no competitor in his music genre, his style, his music ideology and number of remix…(Don4Kwat and ET P8 Kwoi). We cross fingers to see if Jovi will introduce us with a new flare of his.

listen to his latest trap Zele and his new instrumental with more of action motion feeling.

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