News: Jovi officially declares Tilla stay in the label.


CEO and founder of New Bell Music Godlove a.k.a Jovi have not said a word about Tilla’s leaving of the music label. Tilla officially declared her dropping out of the label last week with updates and comments on Facebook and Twitter unprofessionally from the legal methodology she was introduced into the music label.

Even if Tilla is to leave the NewBellMusic team, she would not be posting that on Facebook or is she just leaving to the words and action of his boss who rather than professionally handling the problem between him; Pit Baccardi and Magasco instead publish his two page music documentary report on facebook? Remember Jovi said, He wanted to show his team how to handle problems since they respect him.

Well, it is still hard to say Tilla is leaving the NewBellMusic because Jovi in his fresh EP #Rap2Rich with 5 hit traps, says nothing is gonna happen. Is he declaring Tilla’s stay in the label?
Listen to 16s…

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