News: Magasco Draws closer to the lights of John Legend.

Magasco - John Legend
Magasco – John Legend

Magasco has been given a task of late that may undoubtedly come to pass. The Empire Company artist has for the years shown his artistry music aesthetic to the world that has left many on concluding his brand and style to that of John Legend.

For reasons of his passion, charisma and newly electrifying single #Every, his fans all over Africa and the world have taken upon themselves the love to top-chat him like John Legend rather than the ordinary Magasco they know on the social media.

In a WhatsApp group where his single #Every was shared by one of his fans, many contemplated on the originality of the song. “Is that John Legend?” “Who is he?”… It took just a comment that helped elucidated them on the artist, Magasco and not John himself unlike Drake they also have been comparing him to.


The Empire Company has been placing the young hit star in the front line with features with artists from France, Gabon and other countries, so if Magasco is to keep up with this same style, he may surely draw John’s interest as his style falls in line with his.

Download the Every single.

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