StarsProfile: Daphne may got a Challenger for the best curves – Ade Kelly.


Pompously rocking the screens of the Cameroon film industry with her fascinating looks and hips, she is one of the most beautiful Cameroon actress in the field. Her stylish, screen poisoning and smell can’t resist any man on set without offering a words when she stands for her lines.

Ade Kelly, her screen name, has been pushing many followers and fans on social media like any other 237 actress. In the film industry, she rocks with the best hips and curves comparing to that of Daphne; a female artist whose charisma and self-respect has left her name on the mouth of every man.


Wow! The seductive and highly ranking Kelly has been starring in almost all the blockbusting films in Cameroon including the recent television series Bad Angles, airing on the national television, CRTV.

Well, if Kelly is to print her name firmly for the best curves, her color and height may just be that additional glamour for her to carry the votes.

It is very obvious that, the taste of a food can only be fell by the person leaking his mouth. KELLY OR DAPHNE?


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