Breaking News: “Coller La Petite” by Franko Banned. Details.


Instrumentally rich and recognized but lyrically un-aesthetic to the norms of African music and Cameroon in particular. That is how the government of Cameroon has decided to declare Franko’s Smash hits “Coller La Petite”.

“Coller La Petite” has finally been ban after already made and still making waves worldwide in the West Region of Cameroon. The banning break to the whole nation yesterday November 2, 2015 by MIMFI and signed by the Senior Divisional Officer, Tangwa Joseph Fover, of Bafoussam, West Region.

Is this the beginning and end of Franko’s music artistry? I guess not, but an additional prestige for the young blazer that even the SDO knows his name. The song has been ban only in the 3 divisional headquarters in Bafoussam (i, ii and iii).

Well, African music is like political power that is not given but assumed. Meaning For one to become an African star today, he must be able to attract the attention of the population with a popular slogan and may be Franko’s hit is not that educative enough to the SDO and his people.

Franko’s song, “Coller La Petite” would be ban, but would his slogan disappear after already seizing the minds of every youth on the street?

See the full signed document below.


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