InStyle: #GashaClothing? See how the star turns into a fashionista.


You may say you don’t understand Gasha anymore but she knows better than you do about her life and ambitions. Gasha, the eye rocking craziest Cameroon artist touching the untouchable layers and avenues of music world wide, has place her mark on every solid rock on the streets.

What would you say? That Gasha is bringing her own design? That Gasha is only good at putting on things that matches her taste or that she is only copying somebody’s mode? But who? Simply, the queen innovates and lives the knacks of an artist. She is only branding her style!


The artist who is presently living the USA, is now living the tag-life of stars and celebs like any other vocal queen. But what bothers people most is her quietness for some months now. She lastly talked of her #WomenWillChangeAfrica album but didn’t disclosed when it would be available.

On her mind, she must be living with the code like every other optimistic artist that it is “Not how fast But How far” one can go. Well, a true blind man will never be known if he is not seen walking. Gasha was a hidden Messianic Afro Soloist that no one would have believe if not seeing now.

God bless the queen!

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