Burst: Hope Music Group signs new Spanish artist Kayla Lys- Detail.


Multi-purpose versatile Cameroonian singer and fashion queen Larissa Carmelle Carrilero a.k.a Kayla Lys, was born in 1995 in Douala, with father (from Spain) and mother (from Cameroon). The screen protester has been soul rooted in her dual-culture of advertisement, modelling and professional model photo shoots with world photographers.

She makes her debut in the entertainment world with the prestigious logo of HMG (Hope Music Group) of Micheal Kisseau, Yvich etc another Cameroon afro-pop stunners.

In 2012, she participated in the Regional beauty contest in Spain and was elected Miss Murcie (Miss of the City of Murciein Spain). Again, she was influenced to do music because of her melancholy voice and music melody which spurred the Hope Music Group in cooking on the fire her introduction in a golden pot this year.

Produced by renowned Cameroon beat maker, Philjohn, Far Away, as she titled the upcoming African breakthrough, it was co-written by Yvich and Kayla herself.

Stay in proximity with the Kamerflow Magazine as we bring you the latest of Kayla…

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