Cinema : Face2Face with Libota Maco and his relationship with Ade Kelly. #StarsProfile

Libota Maco
Libota Maco

One of Cameroon’s silver screen this 2015 is probably MacDonald Ndubu Wunjah a.k.a Libota Maco from one of the most intelligent tribes in the North West region of Cameroon, Bawork, a land rich with food and plenty of aesthetic. Libota left his school bag at the door step without completing his visit into the sitting room due to financial matters. He studied arts, especially literature which has helped by placing him as one of the best articulate actors in Cameroon.

Libota is a bachelor and the third (3) in the family of seven (7). He stars in his first film Bih Kabah In 2007 which ended with him clutching the ZAFFA Awards as best upcoming actor and probably the first Cameroonian to have received such an award; where he played the role of Kenneth, the second protagonist of the film and also, won best actor in 2009.

Still with the trend of his first stunning appearance in Bih Kabah, a film directed by Neba Lawrence in Bamenda, he also stars in Clusters, and in continuation to his assertion, he stared in Color of Love and many other amazing movies that opened the doors for his invitation to the the AMA Awards alongside Majid Micheal, Grace Amah, Chidi Chikere and a host of others. In 2011, he was again awarded the best Cameroonian actor at the Bush Fallers Award.


Libota and Dakore
KM: what is your relation with Ghollywood star Majid Michael and the Ghanaian film industry?
Libota: We were all invited for AMA awards in Nigeria in 2010, there we became friends and after that, I was also invited to Ghana. I am looking forward to projects in Ghana.
KM: You and Dakore. Have you been on set with her? What is your relationship with her?
Libota: Yes we did a movie in Cameroon FAR in 2013 produced by Agbor Gilbert Ebot. It is so amazing working with talented people. It makes you know you are working too.
KM: how many international film icons have you been on set with?
Libota: Dakore, Majid Micheal, Grace Amah, Chidi Chikere and a couple of others. Since some of the movies were not done in Cameroon, I will not elaborate on what you have not yet seen. I am also looking forward to working with them on bigger platforms.


KM: You have many fans and followers on social media. What is your secret?
Libota: First of all, I am passionate about what I do. Exercise is the key. I have been learning how to eat and drink well.
KM: You must be soul rooted in arts as a whole. What is your relationship with our home artists especially folklore king, Richard Kings?
Libota: Oh! Oh… that is my man. He is a personal friend out of our world of arts. A dynamic guy.
KM: You listen to music?
Libota: All the time.
KM: Who is your favorite artist?
Libota: Richard Kings and Lady PonceLibota and Richard
KM: under normal circumstances, actors have to exercise to keep fit for certain roles, is that why you play football?
Libota: haha! I have always been a footballer. Back in the days in secondary and high school, I played football.
KM: then you must be a player who doesn’t like losing a match?
Libota: by nature, I always win.
KM: Your nature failed you during the last Afcon games. You wore your cap on your face instead of on your head.libtota sport
Libota: oh my God! I am a full time supporter of the lions. But that day I had no option than to accept it
KM: How did it feel?
Libota: I felt so bad. I mean, I am a full supporter of the lions and I love football. On the picture that day, you can see how I was dressed, I felt so bad, even walking on the street, I was angry.


KM: Talking about roles , do you always find them challenging? What about the case of Rose on a Grave?
Libota: it is always very challenging my brother. But the more you listen to your director, the more he brings out the amazing side in you. The fact that I had to do Rose On A Grave, in English and French, was a little bit demanding.
KM: In Bih Kabah, you spotted your friend’s step mother as your heart’s desire and you had to go back for love. I want you to compare the two U-Turns. Rose on a Grave and Bih Kabah, which film was most demanding.
Libota: You see, in Bih Kabah I had to play three different characters. A young guy, a middle aged guy and later an old man. The challenges were very demanding and I think my performance was very awesome that is why I ended up with the ZAFFA Awards as best upcoming actor.Libota Award If I compare that with ROSE ON A GRAVE; ROSE ON A GRAVE was a little bit straight but Bih Kabah had a lot of challenges and I bypassed all. Also, Bh Kabah was my first movie and it was not easy. I was the last person in Cameroon to be cast in one of the lead roles. I mean, the producer was already planning on going to Nigeria to look for an actor after many could not, but when I came, I tried my best and everybody said “this is Kenneth”.Libota as Dr
KM: Talking about roles, you are fast becoming a Doctor for real. Lara’s Song, Bad Angel, etc. Tell me, is it that you are good in such roles or you are always cast in them?
Libota: You see, it is not my wish that the part of the doctor is mostly given to me to play. I want to believe that, these directors and producers are always giving me that role that is a little bit challenging and demanding. They know I can do them well. It is not like I am chosen to be a doctor all the time. I have been a soldier, pastor, doctor, and a whole lot of others.
KM: how many films have you acted?
Libota: 12
KM: In which film has the Doctor Role demanded a lot from you.
Libota: Bad Angel.
KM: What is your inspiration?
Libota: by nature, I do more of listening than talking. I think it is my secret. I listen more to my director. I allow myself to be used by the director and the characters am going to wear. It takes a good director to bring out what is in you. So you need to allow the director to do his work. I do everything like a beginner and to me, it is not the number of movies I feature-in that matters but the impact of a particular movie that makes sense to me.
KM: so you’ve never hooked up in any acting course to cement your skills?
Libota: I have been attending workshops, read, watch other great actors to fine tune my skills.


Libota Fashion
KM: You have a good taste for fashion . Seems you like fashion?
Libota: I am into fashion. I am making moves toward my clothing line and I even intend taking a trip out of the country for that in the nearest months.


Libot and women
KM: Do you quickly get carried away by women?
Libota: no I am always very careful.
KM: You are not married I guess but if you were to pick a lady, what quality of a woman will you be looking for?
Libota: the heart. I am going to marry a gentle heart. Beauty can always fade
KM: Profession? Actors, model business?
Libota: Business woman. I don’t won’t to have anything to do with women in showbiz.

Libota talks of his relationship with Ade Kelly like any other actor in the cinema industry, you would be shock when you read the second of the interview.

KM: Do you have an affair with Ade Kelly
Libota:…….to be continued.

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