News: What “Wule Bang Bang” means in Magasco’s dialect. #Kom


You better know him as the first or better still, one of the first contemporary most popular afropop singer in Cameroon singing in the dialect (Lineloba ft Jovi). From the North West region of Cameroon and signed in one of the French lead music label, Empire Company, Magasco has bounced back with another afro pop love story Wule Bang Bang titled in his dialect, Itanyikom, spoken by the Kom people.

Magasco as always like a film maker, writing stories and narrating to a woman, pops again with another 2015 dance hall hits Wule Bang Bang directed in the capital Yaounde by Ns.Pictures.

Many watching may just know how to join the chorus but knows little or nothing with the wordings he used in the chorus. Know this in the Kom Language. But before watching, I want you to remark something that has been missing in Magas…he is now dancing, creating his own moves…Big up to the dude guys!

Magasco music label
Magasco music label

Wule Bang Bang.
Wule – means “Somebody” but when you listen, instead of using “Wule Bang Bang” in the first line of the chorus, he used, “Woo Bang Bang” to make the message more fluent because he was directing his love to one particular person. Woo is singular while why Wule is plural (talking to no specific person)

The “Woo” like Wule is almost the same but “Woo” is more specific why Wule is not. So Magasco’s used of Woo is to paints the girl as the main subject the story is centered on.

“Bang” means ripe, yellow, white, anything you can think shining. “Bang” in the English language means Violence opposite to what Magasco is saying.

“Ngoin” means fine girl. Mostly use to flatter a woman.

So by interpreting Magasco’s title and to keep you guys enclose with the love message, Wule Bang Bang means…#She is shining or #Somebody is shining. Now, watch the video and verity if you can better understand the Bamenda Boy.

Woo Bang Bang (She is shining)
Ngoing Bang-aneh (fine shining girl)
Wule Bang Bang (Somebody is shining)
Ngoing Bang-aneh (fine shining girl)

See the differences between “Woo” and “Wule”. This is my interpretation and may not be the best to some Kom People but is good for you to better understand the message.

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