Cinema: Love In The Air. Libota finally talks of his relationship with Ade Kelly


This is the second part of the interview with one of Cameroon’s screen icon , Libota Maco patterning to his relationship with star actress, Ade Kelly .

KM: When we told people about this interview, too many similar questions nest our net. Can I ride on?

Libota: Flame it.

KM: Are you having an affair with Ade Kelly?

Libota: No. She is my besty, my friend. Just happen that we like ourselves and respect each other.

KM: But you everything starts with a friendship before germinating to love right?

Libota: Yeah

KM: And you know today women don’t wait for men to start doing the talking, but they go to do the confession.

Libota: Yeah

KM: So if Kelly walks up to you, and say enough of all the drama on set and fake kisses, will you say no?

Libota: No

KM: Why? Is it because she is not a business woman as you said you would like to get married to one? But, tell me something… do you think it is always accidental that you both are most often casts in films as partners?


Libota: May be God has planned it that way but as of now, we have never thought of anything like that. You know… being in a relationship.

KM: There seems to be good chemistry between you two. You kissed Kelly offset on her cheek. Sister and brotherly kiss, or not?

Libota: Haha! Can’t remember but I think it is a sister and brother kiss.

KM: You know Kelly more than anyone else now. How would you describe her? Is she as gentle as her beauty?


Libota: she is a woman every man will dream to have as a wife. One can easily see through Kelly and that is what matters. She is light.

KM: I must say, you and Ade Kelly make a great pair. You guys have proven it and Kamerflow Magazine are your fans.

Libota: Thanks man

KM: it was a pleasure having you

LIbota: I am happy you thought of me. God bless


Wow! Libota just confirmed not having anything to do with Kelly and Kelly is young lady, a spinster, but, is Kelly not really attracted to this guy of character Marco. Well, Kelly may be but have not the time to confess it out or Kelly may be have been waiting for interviews like this to tell us how she feels for Marco and was Kelly despite his kisses just accepting as true friend or was she dreaming of more kisses from Marco and Marco just ruined it…Ooops! Stay connected as we bring you Kelly’s own side of the story. Are the both just friends like…FRIENDS?

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