FIRE: Cameroon famous Cinematographer “Ancestor” exposes the devilish minds in the Industry.

Yibain Emile
Yibain Emile

May be this time we borrow words from best African author, Chinua Achebe because things have definitely fallen apart in the Cameroon film Industry. Widely known for shooting motion pictures home and abroad, Cameroon cinematographer, Director and Producer Yibain Emile Aime Chah aka Ancestor, has exposes the devilish truth happenings in the film industry.

Yibain Emile Aime-Chah

“Greetings House. I come bearing burning sulfur, brimstone and plasma. Permit me to express myself with a bunch of uncooked words. To whom it may concern. Fellow stakeholders of the 7th art west of the Moungo. May God grant us the wisdom to keep learning from our mistakes so as to grow forth to limitless heights. Fellow cinematic rascals, may God grant you this only option of weeping under your blankets, under the hot sun and may he grant you the zeal to throw the dust of lamentation on your heads for having the courage to sit on the high table with dirty hands to dine with kings. Let me avoid calling this a bad omen to those greedy kings whose appetites are as large as the gaping mouths of Sheol. Na which kind doctors wey dem just look man with eye prescribe e medicine for beleh? Or wey e give “Mary” a positive pregnancy “test” result because e read am for some place say Mary na woman? Na which kana Mary too wey e hear test result start glad wey e never ever sleep man pikin? Even tierce wey na lucky game, no man no fit win am wey e no at least play. It is sadomasochistic … Make me a fantasize myself with a little bit of malapropism because this thing don pass ma power. Let me throw stones at some bush fallers. Pls those who are not guilty take no offense. My grandfather was a hunter, I’m not a soldier. Soldiers, because I hold my granddad’s den-gun and can pronounce the word “shoot” does not make me a war strategist. When I warned against mediocrity celebrating mediocrity, I was termed jealous minded, or even described as sadistic, full of negativity etc. It is amazing to witness the kind of defense mechanism loud sounding voices can display. Unfortunately these loud sounding ding-dong bells are deafening creatives with their gibberish, and are retarding the growth of this movie industry in the Anglophone region with burdensome loads of mediocrity. Watch out, the 7th art is a playground for geniuses and for not a lady on a Sunday morning with balloons on the head going to receive the holy sacrament. FROM HALLUCINATIONS to BASELESS NOMINATIONS; FROM BASELESS NOMINATIONS to PROCLAMATIONS, at the end the HALLUCINATIONS are CELEBRATED, and WISHES finally become the HORSES BEGGARS ARE NOW RIDING. May be I am the ignorant one here. If I am, I rather be dandled by its waves that to keep being part of orchestrated baloney, part of a claptrap, or an absolute gobbledygook. Happy New Year”

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