Five reasons why Magasco’s Raw Gold #Ep is a world standard.


The Raw Gold EP is as raw as Magasco’s artistry. Basically, Empire Company has been able to lead by professionalism as Cameroons most respectful music label. Serving to the public their Xmas and New Year goodies, was Magasco’s “Raw Gold” Ep with five crazy hits on the list.

As already known for using his maternal language in almost all of his songs especially in the most recent Wule Bang Bang, where Magasco seeing a woman’s beauty and could not resist the cry in either in English or French, did in the Itangyikom.

Today as he tours with Raw Gold EP with each line of the his verses blessed with the mother’s language, the five new deluxe has explicitly world standard in regard to the kind of fans today in the world.

Magasco is Original, Explicit, Epic, Western, and Dynamic. He is keeping to what he has always pray for; making people believe they can succeed when being original. Check out the Raw Gold Ep and see how from each song, Magasco wears a suit of a different character. From Cameroon Njang, to Nigeria afro pop, to the US trap, to Jamaica Dance Hall.

Check on the link below an buy on Soundcloud…

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