Another great milestone for Stanley Enow this 2016 in Casablanca.


The cooperation ties between Cameroon and Morocco is a no hidden agenda about the socio-economic relation between the two lovely countries, not leaving entertainment as one of  the fastest medium of getting to the population.

Multiple award winner and Cameroon music international profounder Stanley Enow, was in audience received by the Ambassador of Morocco to Cameroon his Excellency, Lahcen Saile , due to his mission to his country


Preparing on visiting an NGO, AFRIKAYNA in Casablanca and Rabat, Stanley will be having numerous concerts and later on bounce on a collabo single or two with Moroccan rapper H-Name, followed by a video shoot.

The joint collabo between H-Name and Stanley will serve as an attempt to fuse the two African regions more than ever in bid to improve and quench the current condition that blacks are facing in that part of Africa.

The NGO organizing the entire package will also be working in cooperation with the “Stanley Enow Foundation” which principal goal is to fight poverty and bring light to the less privilege in Africa and the world at large.

Stay calm as we bring you more on Stanley’s mission to Morocco. Facebook to Stanley

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