Exclusive. Missy BK discloses her 2016 amazing package. Get a sneak peek.

I Love Africa
                                                                                                                I Love Africa


Taking a balance from the multiple awards nomination all over the world especially in Canada and Nigeria last year 2015, the 237 awards winning afro and vocal artist Missy Bk, has dished out the full details of her 2016 package.

The philanthropist with #Foundations in Cameroon, Nigeria and other African countries prepares for what she calls “The World Amazement” by dropping the first ever Afro album #Confession; with love, peace, right of a black girl being the principal points.

Presenting herself more as a Pan-Africanist, , fighting for the union and communion between the Negroes home and abroad, Missy shares detail of what she prepares for the world this year. I LOVE AFRICA, a popular statement make by everyone verbally but has definitely goes down into record as her song tittle to be release Monday 1st February, 2016.

The video was shot, probably in Lagos- Nigeria with good designers wears wore by the beautiful dancers in the video clip with amazing color grading presenting Africa from a different perspective of prosperity, love and peace. See picture above to get the full imagery of what you will be watching in a bid.

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