Exclusive: Ramsey Nouah Arrives in Cameroon for the “Cameroon International Film Festival”.

Ramsey Nouah
Ramsey Nouah

Cameroon has for the past two years been leaving questioning minds and wondering eyebrows flipping because of it bewildering advancement into the world of motion pictures with star-studded cast and amazing crews representing the country internationally with stunning award winning blockbuster movies.

Despite the marvelous knowledge widely recognize about the country’s film, only little is known about festivals in the country that can really be boastful of international standard.

Adding to already exiting film festivals like Ecran Noir, Arts City Short Film Festival just to a few, Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIIF), funded by a group of films makers, comes as a more wider platform to exceed beyond Africa to promote and portray the rich and prestigious Africa culture especially and Cameroon in particular to the world.

Opening the first ever edition with the nomination party for the various movies in different categories in the Capital city Yaoundé, is a very good friend to the country, an internationally multiple award winning Nigerian actor Ramsey Noah, known always for playing the guy in the spotlight in African movies and loves by every woman.

Agbor Gilbert and Ramsey Nouah
Agbor Gilbert and Ramsey Nouah


The Nomination Party this year will be at the Djeuja Palace Yaoundé tomorrow Saturday 30th January, 2015…for more about CAMIFF….

Ramsey Nouah

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