BUZZ: Container has landed

Jovi #SRG
Jovi #SRG

Congratulation to Cameroon’s number one baddest street hip-hop emcee Jovi, rapper at the New Bell Music and a professional sound engineer who has made the country proud of his talent once more by producing an amazing beats for Akon’s new track #ShineTheLight.

Before going for the Christmas break last year 2015, the street had it that Jovi has produced a beats for Akon, considered the African music ambassador and also a producer at Konvick Music. Many wondering stomach started kicking and curious to see until when Je Wanda Magazine had an exclusive snapshot footage of the #ShineTheLight video.


The MTV Base nominated artist Jovi, can now be  be proud again  of his arts not only seen by Akon but been recognized internationally and his name going down into the Konvick Muzik book of records. Today, Akon will tell stories like “And this is another dope track Shine the Light produced by a Cameroonian producer, Le Montre” Big up to Jovi for that I must say.

It is obvious that the big container was expected since last year but unfortunately landed this year 2016. Jovi who is known for his good knowledge of Cinema, came up with an amazing short film script in his last #EP RAP2RICH probably creating an interior night scene letting her character leaving an offline message to Akon’s manager.
Heh! Is Racho.
Mmm! I just wanna know if you’ve heard from Akon
……….Get the full conversation Rap single

Talking about the deal and the amount Akon is to drop, it is not yet known but possibilities shows that handling over the big package to Jovi will not be what Akon will do for the young talented rapper.

It should be noted that, Akon is the brain behind the success of many African stars and in the diaspora. Hopefully, the meeting between Konvick Muzik’s manager T. Mah,  with Jovi some years ago will lead to the long awaited moment every Cameroonian have been dying to witness; seeing Jovi taking the African market. Watch the new release song of Akon “Shine the Light” produced by Le Montre (Jovi)

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