Celebrities: See the young Cameroonian artist who stunned the CAMIFF.


Young and promising superstar Jay Jay, a Varsity Entertainment artist stunned the red carpet’s invitees not only because of his beautiful friend, Ulanda who impressed the hall with her beauty voice in singing the Cameroon national anthem, but simple because of his punctuality as the time of the Cameroon International Film Festival was concern.

JayJay and Ulanda at CAMIFF 2016
JayJay and Ulanda at CAMIFF 2016

JayJay who now resident in the capital city Yaoundé, stunned the hall with a well pressed British black suit and black t-shirt, ash and brown Italian leather shoes, brown eyes and tousled hair with golden Ghanaian priceless chain on his neck.

Wow wow!!! I eavesdropped an ambassador behind the camera exclaiming and saying “he is feeling himself” not knowing the stunner just released his recent video titled “Feeling Ma Self” to hit MTV soon.

Should JayJay be hanging around Ulanda a call for investigations?

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