Four secret film makers who were at CAMIFF you don’t yet know.

the four baddest
Zigoto Tchaya Tchameni– Four in number who came and became quiet, observers as always like on set. It took some good minutes of searching and asking if they were around and when found, they were perching on one side with other big international partners except for Zigoto Tchaya Tchameni who was among the four but quietly felt in everyone’s mnd in the festival. A Cameroon film maker with international reputation

Zigoto and Nathalie Koah at CAMIFF

Alfred Melow– Another important man, God Fathers as they called them, hidden film makers with great projects, was the CEO of Melow Studios, a film production house it the capital city. His recent blockbuster movie Lara’s Song, stars screen icons like; Libota Marco, Nkanya Nkwai, Sende Bende , Chinepoh Cosson, Nkwah Kignsley and other star and  was premiered last year 2015 in Yaounde.
Alfred Melow

Angafor IBrian– Adjusting the camera focus, lenses jumped on one of the most distinguished guess that night. Based in Bamenda where his production company is located , the IBrain Films CEO , Angofor IBrain , film producer of Scammers and 7 other amazing films already making good output in some cinema stores in the country, kept quiet and was only noticed again when talking business with Ramsey Nouah during the red carpet and Nathalie Koah.
Angafor at Camiff

Nkanya Nkwai– Last but not the least was Nkanya Nkwai , winner of best actor at Ecran Noir (Black Screen) festival. His appearances was counted. Entered with Jeffery Epule and had the last seats on the wall  . Stood up only when going for the red carpet still with Epule Jeffery. Had one of the most expensive suit in the house.


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