Ramsey Nouah Discloses Nigeria’s film secret at CAMIFF.

Ramsey Nouah

CAMIFF ambassador, Ramsey Nouah, took the mic seconds after Agbor Gilbert finished, elaborating on the secret of what Nigerians discovered in becoming the second largest film industry in the world.

The nostalgia which he got from the old school song playing In the background brought him the response many Cameroonian film makers are asking. What is the Nigeria’s secret?

It is very pathetic to know that, Nigeria is the closest neighbor to Cameroon and they both shares almost the same culture but little fusion when it comes to cinema.

Unbelievably to know also that, Cameroonians with about 20 millions inhabitant with only two English speaking regions ,consumes probably about 90% of Nigerian movies from a statistic made verbally by a Cameroonian Professor, Bole Botake on an interview on CRTV in 2008 when the Studio Tonapa in Nigeria was officially open.

Ramsey Nouah like many cinema lectures at the University of Yaounde 1, repeated said, Nigerian films are based on originality, the daily activities of the country, they do films reflecting their culture, they sell out their culture to the world. “We try to be original and that is why in every lip today in Africa, there is the song of a Nigeria artist, simple because we lived our culture” he said. He continued by saying that, Cameroonians can still make it if only they try to be original and do good films, because good film are like good musics that will always be watched

Solange and Ramsey 1

A little mathematics was again made that same night at Djeuga Palace on the 30th January, 2016 with Ramsey showing the important of the fusion his face and that of Cameroon’s fines Solange Yigika, can make for both countries showbiz industry.” If I my face has a huge market in Nigeria and her face (Solange) in Cameroon, it will boast the sales of the country”
Solange and Ramsey

Official video of Ramsey Nouah’s speech at the CAMIFF coming in a bid.

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